On Thursday, June 11 the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce hosted a meeting with a Turkish Delegation headed by Hon. Vahdettin ÖZCAN, Governor of Çankırı, Turkey.

During the meeting with Chamber representatives, they discussed opportunities to expand cooperation and development between the Chicagoland area and Turkey. Mission officials hope to increase business connections and interactions with Chicago because of its strong international economy and potential for growth.

North Anatolian Development Agency officials talked about how startups are supported in Turkey, their site selection process, and various stakeholders that wish to explore partnerships between Chicagoland and their region. Representatives from the TR82 Region presented on economic opportunities in three Turkish cities in their region: Kastamonu, Çankırı and Sinop.

The Chamber will continue to connect organizations and individuals with international business and government leaders to promote collaboration and economic development in Chicagoland.