Get ready, Bears fans: The Chamber’s 120th Annual Meeting of Membership will feature Chicago Bears team President and CEO Kevin Warren as its keynote speaker.

The luncheon takes place on June 4 at Hilton Chicago, bringing hundreds of Chicago leaders together to talk, network and learn about the Bears’ future. Bears leader Warren undoubtedly has much to discuss, from franchise-changing draft picks (welcome to Chicago, Caleb and Rome!) to the team’s latest plans for a new stadium.

He’s also an interesting character, and these five tidbits offer just a glimpse of Warren’s intriguing history.

  1. Warren played college basketball at the University of Pennsylvania and Grand Canyon University (GCU), and he is a member of the GCU Athletic Hall of Fame. He averaged 20.0 points per game at GCU, the fourth-best scoring average in the school’s history.
  2. Warren has eclectic musical tastes – he works out to a Spotify playlist that includes Jay-Z, Adele, The Notorious B.I.G., Janet Jackson, and Frank Sinatra. (Here’s a link to the playlist.)
  3. Earlier this year, Warren and his wife Greta donated $1 million to Lurie Children’s Hospital. Warren feels strongly about helping to improve medical care to honor the memory of his older sister, Carolyn, who died of brain cancer. He also had medical difficulties of his own growing up, spending months in a hospital following a bike accident that left him in a full body cast at the age of 11.
  4. Warren has three degrees: A bachelor’s degree in business administration from Grand Canyon University in Arizona, an MBA from Arizona State University, and a JD from Notre Dame University.
  5. Previously, Warren worked for private law firms as well as several NFL teams, including the St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, and Minnesota Vikings. He also served as the Big Ten Commissioner from 2019-2023.

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