The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce testified at a joint hearing of the Illinois House Revenue & Finance and State Government Administration Committees on Wednesday, April 9 regarding Illinois business tax incentive policies.

Jim Kane, principal owner of Kane & Co. and Chairman of the Chamber’s Taxation Forum, provided data to back up his statements at previous committee meetings on the significant amount of state and local taxes Illinois businesses pay, as well as additional information on state incentive programs in New York, New Jersey, California and Wisconsin.

“The success of any state incentive program should be measured on the intended purpose of the program; the creation of new jobs in Illinois,” said Kane. “A comprehensive economic development strategy should focus on the types of industries and jobs we as a state seek to attract and the state’s incentive programs should be designed to reflect those goals.”

The Chicagoland Chamber will continue to participate in this important process to position the Chicago region as the best place to start, expand and operate a business in the country.

Click here to view Kane’s full testimony.