Presented by DRRA Consulting LLC, a minority-owned, pre-qualified Chicagoland Chamber Employer Training Investment Program (ETIP) training provider. 

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and DRRA Consulting LLC are working together to upskill the Illinois workforce. 

Through the Employer Training Investment Program (ETIP), the Chicagoland Chamber is committed to helping the region’s companies equip their employees with the skills needed to grow, thrive, and succeed.  

Illinois-based companies may be eligible to receive 50% reimbursement on eligible workforce training, including three programs offered by DRRA Consulting LLC

DRRA Consulting LLC Employer Training Programs: 

  • Supervisory Development: With this 40-hour training, we help your current supervisors become more effective leaders and assist recently promoted employees in transitioning into supervisory roles more successfully. 
  • Transformational Leadership and Culture Change: With this 40-hour training, we help your employees learn how to succeed as leaders and create a culture to attract and retain quality talent. 
  • Valuing, Managing, and Including a Diverse Workforce: With this 40-hour training, we help your employees learn how to value and manage diversity and inclusion in organizations. The training consists of three parts: 1) the conceptual foundations of diversity; 2) the different types of diversities in organizational life and their effects upon the individuals and organizations; and 3) organizational issues and human resource policies that increase and manage diversity in organizations. 

DRRA Consulting LLC employer training will accelerate economic recovery in Illinois by upskilling our workforce,” states Dr. Rashid Mosley (Dr. Ra), President and Chief Learning Officer for DRRA Consulting LLC

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To learn more about employer training programs provided by DRRA Consulting LLC, please schedule a consultation at, via LinkedIn, or call (470) 659-2463 to discuss how we can help your organization thrive. 

*DRRA Consulting LLC is minority-owned learning and development consulting firm and an approved Training Partner of the Chicagoland Chamber’s Employer Training Investment Program (ETIP). Illinois-based companies interested in providing training to their full-time may be eligible to receive 50% reimbursement. 

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