ETIP Overview & Frequently Asked Questions

What companies are eligible for reimbursement through ETIP?

ETIP reimbursement is a benefit of Chamber membership.  For companies to be eligible for reimbursement through ETIP, they must be a member of the Chamber at the time that training occurs.  If you are applying for retroactive reimbursement (July 1, 2019 – December 31, 2021), then you must be a Chamber member at the time that you apply for reimbursement (since there is no way to go back in time to change your membership status at the time that training occurred).

Additionally, companies must have a physical location in the state of Illinois.  Reimbursement is eligible for Illinois-based, full-time employees only.

Who can provide training?

You can work with one of our Pre-Qualified Training Providers (Institute for Workforce Education at St. Augustine College, BIS Consultants LLC, or BIS Consulting and Training LLC), use a third-party trainer to provide your training, or conduct training internally.

For more information about how to access reimbursement for third-party or internal training, please see Guidance for Company Led Training.

What types of trainings are eligible or ineligible?

  • Eligible Training Examples: For more information about the types of eligible training, please click here.
  • Ineligible Training Examples: Professional Continuing Education, Skills Assessments, non-structured On-the-Job Training, Employee Orientation Training, Human Resource Practices), Consultant Fees, and Strategic Planning.
  • Ineligible Training Expenses: trainee travel costs; training program development, preparation, or planning; conferences, workshops, and seminars; depreciable equipment; and consulting fees.

Is virtual training eligible?

Virtual training may be eligible, but it depends on the format of the training.  If you purchase a software license for a flat fee, this would NOT be eligible.  If you conduct virtual training sessions via video conferencing and you can calculate a fee/trainee, then this may be eligible for reimbursement.  You must still complete a sign-in sheet for virtual trainings, but given the remote nature of these sessions, you can simply type the names into the document instead of collecting signatures.

How do I find out if the training I want to conduct is eligible or approved to commence?

You must complete the ETIP Intake Form to submit a request with details about your training.  A Chamber team member will follow up with you to confirm that there are sufficient grant funds remaining to cover the reimbursement and that the training is eligible.  Completion of this form does not guarantee reimbursement.  Upon approval, you will receive paperwork that must be completed and submitted in order to receive reimbursement.

When is the deadline to submit for reimbursement?

The last quarterly reimbursement deadline for this grant is Friday, January 7, 2022.  Any incomplete documentation will not be accepted.

How often does the Chamber process reimbursements?

The Chamber reimburses for 50% of the cost of eligible training to member companies on a quarterly basis, after receipt of all required paperwork by the deadline.  Any incomplete documentation may be reimbursed the following quarter after submission of all required materials and if funding is still available.  Since the Chamber already has access to these funds, checks are cut immediately following quarterly reporting deadlines.

What documentation is required?

You must complete and submit all documentation listed below to be eligible for reimbursement (see list below).  If you work with one of our Pre-Qualified Training Providers, they will work with you to complete and submit all required documentation on your behalf.

If you complete training via a third-party training provider or complete internal training, you must complete the forms below and submit all documentation.  These forms were provided by our funder.  You may not submit this documentation in a different format.  All documentation must be completed in its entirety, collated, and submitted in .pdf format to by the deadline (Friday, January 7, 2022) in order to receive for reimbursement for this grant cycle.

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