On Wednesday, December 14 the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce delivered testimony regarding the revision of the Affordable Requirements Ordinance to the Joint Committee: Housing and Real Estate; Zoning, Landmarks And Building Standards.

The Chamber supports the need for affordable housing and feels that there has been progress on discussing compromise language in the revision of the Affordable Requirements Ordinance. However, more time and further discussion may allow for a better revision of the ordinance.

Elise Houren, Government Relations Manager for the Chamber, expressed concern that the revisions to this ordinance will dampen the resurgence in residential development at a time when our City is seeing improvement to the local economy.

“Development creates jobs, adds to the property tax rolls, and provides new housing for people looking to live in our city,” Houren said. “Conversely, if those new jobs and housing go, our city becomes a less desirable place to invest, work, and live.”

Houren closed by asking the joint committee to look towards compromise to revise the ordinance.

Click here to read the Chamber’s full testimony.