In a letter sent today to the Washington Park Chamber of Commerce, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Theresa E. Mintle voiced her support for locating the Obama Presidential Library on the city’s south side.

From the letter of support:

The Obama Presidential Library epitomizes our City’s rich, nuanced past while providing a bridge to a sustained, prosperous future.

At a time when Chicago is looking for new paths to competitiveness, we need to enable our businesses to remain a much-needed engine for growth. Locating the Obama Presidential Library on the south side creates a valuable “anchor” institution in the local community, a vehicle for increased economic activity and opportunities for its residents and businesses.

The Chicagoland Chamber works close with institutions such as the University of Chicago to promote economic development to ensure continued regional growth and create an arena that fosters an entrepreneurial culture. This is why the Chamber supports the Obama Presidential Library on the south side.

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