First-ever female Tyree Award winner remains committed to Chicago

Chamber members may remember Sophie Evanoff as the first female winner of the James Tyree Emerging Business Leadership Award. When receiving the award, the Chamber noted that Sophie is “a passionate leader who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her community and the city of Chicago.” 

Sophie has served as President, Owner and Operator of Vanille Patisserie for eight years since acquiring the business in 2011. She rebuilt the fledgling bakery into a thriving business built on hospitality and giving, one that brings French delicacies to Chicagoland while improving the communities in which she operates – Hyde Park, Lakeview East, Lincoln Park and French Market. Today, Vanille is proud to employ a 100 percent minority employee base, and provides employees with specialized mentoring and training opportunities, from one-on-one coaching to continuing education in culinary and management. Each location serves as an economic development center of excellence, employing bakers and waitstaff from that neighborhood and actively participating in that community through local chamber and non-profit involvement. The Hyde Park store, now two years old, remains the only French bakery bringing macarons to the south side of Chicago. 

When Chicagoland Chamber members support Vanille, they help a small business create jobs and economic investment in Chicago’s neighborhoods. Sophie remains committed to providing the best in French pastry and community caring, and looks forward to continuing to make Chicago sweeter, one pastry at a time. 

Corporate Gifts 

Vanille offers an elegant array of options for promotional gifts, holiday greetings, employee recognition and company events that are guaranteed to delight and impress any audience. Artisanal dessert collections include delicious entremets, a classic French dessert with layers of mousse, cremeux, cake, 

and often a hint of crunch; luscious tarts; Petit Gateux; and an exquisite collection of handcrafted signature cakes. Everything is baked to order with the freshest ingredients and delivered directly to gift recipients in Vanille’s signature packaging complete with a bow. 

Personalized Macarons 

Macarons, the famed Parisian confectionery, deliver the essence of a dessert in a single bite. These colorful sandwich-shaped delicacies have a crunchy meringue shell and an intense burst of flavor at the creamy core. For a creative twist on this popular French favorite, Vanille’s signature macarons 

can be custom printed with a personalized design, such as a corporate logo or monogram. Vanille’s bakery artists work closely with clients to ensure the final product is polished, professional and, of course, delicious. 

Corporate Catering 

Vanille’s corporate catering menu provides high-quality breakfasts and lunches for business meetings and events. The breakfast menu features an assortment of sweet and savory mini pastries, yogurt parfaits layered with house-made jams and streusel, flavorful quiche and fresh fruit. Vanille lunchboxes include gourmet sandwiches and sides, Great Lakes potato chips and signature Vanille macarons. To finish on a sweet note, Vanille offers delicious Petit Fours trays and, for the special occasion, macaron gift boxes for attendees. 

Thank you for considering Vanille Patisserie. For more information and to order call (773) 868-4574 or email