Paige & Paxton, a client of the Small Business Development Center at the Chamber, was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune. The article highlights the company’s commitment to integrating a STEM curriculum into the learning programs of children between the ages of 4 and 7.

“They have to see themselves as scientists,” said Rachel Williams, co-founder of Paige & Paxton.

Part of 1871’s WiSTEM, a program designed for women entrepreneurs, the company introduces children to STEM fields by developing programs for educators. These programs teach children about science, math, engineering, paleontology, and more through puzzle-piece characters and games.

Paige & Paxton encourages children to approach these topics comfortably through interactive games that engage the students, while showing them how the material is relevant to the world. 

 “We realized that even very educated parents really didn’t know the importance of STEM. For the focus to be successful in the consumer market, we would need the resources to do a public education campaign,” said Williams.  

The company continues to grow and implement its programs into school curriculums across the country. 

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