Kehoe Designs is a full-service event design and décor company that produces over 1,000 events annually. The team specializes in social and corporate events including private parties, luxury weddings, fundraisers, experiential activations, tradeshows, product launches, festivals and retail openings. 

In January of 2018, Kehoe Designs was tasked with creating an innovative experience for a 37th annual corporate holiday party at its 25,000-square-foot venue, The Geraghty. This was the client’s 3rd consecutive year celebrating in the space. This event, entitled “Under The Cosmic Sea,” embraced designs motivated by new technologies, while its bold glowing aesthetic was inspired by a marriage of colors and patterns drawn from the vibrancy of the organic ocean and the visual brilliance of spectacular deep space phenomena. Kehoe Designs blended these rich and distinctive elements with a 360-degree immersive structure clad in synchronous programmable lighting to create a dramatic and comprehensive environment for 700+ party goers. Their expert technical direction and design accomplished the perfect balance of AV, lighting, video projection, and staging for a seamless sensory experience. See video of the event here

The Geraghty was truly “A Venue of Possibilities.” Its ceilings were strewn with custom LEDs, festooned from one billowing sculpture to the next. Cadenced pulses of light showered the venue in moody undulating bio-rhythms while mirrored materiality doubled the impact of the effects, providing glimpses of the galactic decor from all angles. Every engaging detail, down to the iridescent accents in each centerpiece was designed to immerse guests in the fascinating world of bioluminescence. 

Kehoe Designs elevates the quality and amplifies engagement to ensure experiences unlike any other. Success founded in expertise, leadership and talent serve to propel the Kehoe Designs team toward more compelling projects, and with celebrations like “Under The Cosmic Sea” it’s apparent that the sky is not the limit. 

Events embrace the signature vision of each client and represent an experience that’s aligned with both the client’s goal and guests’ interest.
Space, flexibility, and familiarity are a must for providing guests an environment balanced with functionality and design.
Make every angle the right angle. Thoughtful design and an effective floor plan have a significant impact on the engagement of your guests.