Business is personal for one of Gulo’s recent clients, up4® Probiotics. “We realize that probiotics aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution,” said Jen Ilacqua, the Marketing Director, Women’s Health & Healthy Aging Brands at i-Health, Inc. (up4® Probiotics). “Each of our products is selectively developed to meet an individual customer’s specific needs.”

What the company needed, though, was an equally customized digital experience. And that’s where Gulo came in. Gulo proposed and executed a concept for a new website and a precise solution: Personalization.

Let’s Get Personal

Website Personalization is the process of creating customized experiences for visitors. “Rather than providing broad, general content, website personalization allows companies to present visitors with unique experiences tailored to their needs and desires,” says Gulo Partner and Chief Technology Officer, Zachary Wilson. “This means personalizing everything – images, text, products and emails.”

Personalization of the digital experience led to increased website-visits and sales for Gulo's client

According to one industry report, a personalized website can significantly improve visitor engagement (55%), customer experience (55%) and brand perception (39%). It’s all good for the bottom line, with personalized websites seeing increased conversion rates (51%) and lead generation/customer acquisitions (46%).

The Customer Experience

The Gulo team created a website and algorithm that matches each customer with a personalized productMost online nutrition retailers use impersonal sites that force customers to search for the right products. With up4® Probiotics, the Gulo team decided to create a new kind of experience, one that acts as a virtual nutritionist capable of offering product recommendations based on a customer’s individual attributes.

To accomplish this, Gulo built an algorithm using factors such as age, gender and activity level. On the user side, this is presented in the form of a fun, interactive quiz. After potential customers answer a few questions, the website provides each of them personalized product recommendations.

The Gulo team created a website and algorithm that matches each customer with a personalized productThe website’s personalization extends beyond product recommendations. Thanks to Gulo’s Design Team, as soon as a visitor lands on the up4® Probiotics website, they are welcomed with images, information and other assets tailored to their specific persona. For example, a customer coming from a site or campaign targeting women will arrive to an up4® Probiotics site tailored towards a female audience.

“The end result is a personalized site that matches our clients’ personalized products,” says Wilson. “By giving each visitor a unique, tailored experience, up4® Probiotics establishes trust, brand loyalty and an emotional connection with their customers from the first moment of digital engagement.”

Gulo Delivers

Gulo Solutions Partner and CTO, Zachary WilsonSince the launch of its new website, up4® Probiotics has enjoyed an increase in both visitors and sales. “Customers are getting not only a personalized product, but a personalized experience, which is just as important,” Ilacqua said. “This experience begins with the website. Gulo delivered a uniquely personalized solution that got results.”

The benefits of Personalization apply to every industry. The tactic is worth exploring any time a company wants to better connect with customers.

To see the up4® Probiotics website, click here. To find out how Gulo can personalize your company’s customer experience, email Gulo here or call 773.276.8066. The Gulo website is here.