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Adesso Capital is helping businesses expedite their Employee Retention Credit filing.

The darkest days of the pandemic may be behind us, but many small businesses are still digging themselves out of the severe financial downturn that lasted almost two years.

But as springtime takes hold throughout Chicagoland, we’re excited to share some good news that can help your business accelerate its recovery.

You may be able to claim tens of thousands of dollars in ERC assistance

Your small business is likely eligible for $26,000 per W-2 employee in federal COVID financial assistance through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

The ERC is a federal tax credit designed to support efforts to keep employees on the payroll during the pandemic.

The ERC is money that can be used for any purpose, and it’s retroactive to 2020. But less than 25 percent of eligible businesses have filed for their ERC funds.

Why? The ERC filing process is complex and time-consuming, and many busy business owners lack the time and expertise to file for their ERC funds. Moreover, many CPAs and payroll firms are unfamiliar with the ERC and its eligibility requirements.

These misconceptions are causing a lot of businesses to leave tens of thousands in ERC money on the table.

Making it easy to claim your ERC funds

But now busy business owners have a resource that can expedite the filing for their ERC funds: the Easy ERCTM from my company Adesso Capital.

Adesso Capital provides concierge lending solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. We offer the financing solutions and responsive, personal service smaller business can’t get from banks and traditional financial institutions.

When the pandemic drove business in every industry into a downturn, I assembled a team of tax experts to help entrepreneurs maximize the federal COVID relief available to them through the Easy ERCTM.

With the Easy ERCTM:

  • you can get a quick estimate of the amount of ERC funds for which you’re likely eligible
  • then the Adesso ERC team files for ERC funds on your behalf, handling all the paperwork
  • we track the progress of your ERC filing with the IRS, providing updates until you receive your ERC funds
  • we even offer ERC advance loans that let you borrow against your anticipated ERC payout and get your funds in a matter of days

We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses secure tens of millions in ERC funds, and we’re ready to get started on your ERC filing.

Visit the ERC page on the Adesso Capital website to get started. And get the cash you need to help your business return to full strength.