Presented by Turkish Airlines

By: Fatih Eroglu | Turkish Airlines GM for Midwest

Turkish Airlines plays a pivotal role in connecting Chicago to the rest of the world. With two daily flights operating in and out of Chicago, the carrier offers seamless connections to more than 300 destinations worldwide.

Turkish Airlines’ extensive network spans continents, ensuring that Chicago-based companies have convenient access to key business centers across the globe. Whether it’s expanding into emerging markets or strengthening existing partnerships, the carrier serves as a gateway for businesses in the Midwest to explore new horizons.

At Turkish Airlines, we understand the unique needs of businesses and their employees. That’s why we have designed the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club, an exclusive benefit program that provides a host of advantages to our corporate customers.

  1. Up-front Discounts with Maximum Flexibility: Through the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club, businesses enjoy immediate up-front discounts of up to 15% on flights to almost 300 destinations worldwide. These cost savings enable companies to allocate resources more efficiently, allowing for increased investment in other areas of their operations. Moreover, the program offers the flexibility to rebook or change routes without incurring any penalties, providing peace of mind and adaptability in today’s dynamic business environment.
  2. Multiple Countries of Departure: We recognize that international business travel often requires flexibility in departure points. With the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club, companies have the advantage of eligibility for multiple countries of departure, enabling them to tailor their travel plans to their specific requirements. This flexibility enhances the efficiency of business operations and facilitates seamless global expansion.
  3. Extra Baggage Allowance, CIP Lounge Access and Priorities: We understand that business travelers often carry essential materials and equipment. To support their needs, Turkish Airlines Corporate Club members benefit from extra free baggage allowance, even in Economy Class. Members are privileged to do their check-in on Business Class Counters, priority on boarding and fast-track lanes in passport controls. Additionally, the program grants CIP lounge access to cardholders, including Economy passengers. These exclusive privileges ensure that business travelers can work and relax in comfort, enhancing productivity and well-being throughout their journeys.
  4. No Membership Fees or Penalties: We believe in providing exceptional value without unnecessary burdens. As a member of the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club, travelers enjoy the benefits mentioned above without any membership fees or penalties. This commitment to transparency and affordability reflects our dedication to supporting the growth of companies in Chicago and beyond.
  5. Corporate Help Desk: As a Turkish Airlines Corporate Club member, you can forward your requests to our after-sales support service, Corporate Help Desk. This worldwide support unit is committed exclusively to our corporate customers, providing rapid, high-quality, and effective after-sales services via a dedicated team.

We are pleased to contribute to the economic activity in Chicago by facilitating international business travel. Our extensive global network and the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club’s exclusive benefits empower businesses to expand their horizons, establish international partnerships, and explore new markets. With our daily flights connecting Chicago to more than 300 destinations worldwide.

As a testament to our commitment, we currently have hundreds of companies in the USA as members of the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club. These businesses are provided with advantageous travel budget through Turkish Airlines’ up-front discounts and flexible booking options. By choosing Turkish Airlines, these companies not only receive exceptional service and convenience but also benefit from significant cost reductions, allowing them to allocate their resources more effectively.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that Turkish Airlines is expanding its reach in the Midwest by adding Detroit as our second gateway in the region, further supporting economic activity in the Midwest. Join the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club and experience the advantages that hundreds of companies in the USA are already benefiting from, saving thousands of dollars every year from their travel budget. Together, we can propel Chicago’s business community towards even greater success in the global arena.

To become a member or to get more information, please visit: Turkish Airlines Corporate Club.