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Filling tech talent gaps with career changers can fulfill your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that by 2028, the number of people employed as software developers will grow by 21% compared to all other occupations, which have an average 5% growth. Five of the ten industries projected to grow are tech.

The strong growth that we have seen in tech occupations over the past decade may hit a small speed bump as companies respond to COVID-19 disruption. But with businesses relying on digital tools for current operations and accelerating digital transformation for future strategy, tech skills will continue to be a top priority.

Four Truths

Every Company is a Tech Company.

Your best employees are with you today.

College tuition is increasing.

Birth rates are decreasing.

It’s no question that companies are changing how they operate, including reskilling their non-technical talent into new tech roles as remote and hybrid arrangements emerge. But this is happening within the context where people are having fewer children and college tuition costs continue to climb. All of this means that a shift to a new way of working is giving rise to a different set of job skills that are in high demand. These skills are part of the DNA of Tech Elevator’s bootcamp, and in the DNA of a software developer.

Career Changers and DE&I Goals

Resignations have climbed 28% higher in March 2022 than the prior 12 months, with finance and health sectors having the highest amount of resignations, according to LinkedIn. The Great Reshuffle coupled with rising college tuition costs and declining birth rates means that companies’ DE&I strategies need to include career changers coming into tech with a diversity of skills and experiences. Doing so becomes a new point of pride for companies increasingly looking to add value back to their communities while retaining their employees.

About Tech Elevator

Tech Elevator is a tech talent solutions provider and mission-driven company focused on elevating people, companies and communities with zero cost for companies to hire students. Tech Elevator specializes in teaching full-stack web application development in a bootcamp format. Named one of the best places to work in Midwest tech by Purpose Jobs, Tech Elevator is in the 100 best companies to work for in 2022 based on work/life balance, benefits, and growth opportunities. 

We teach students from diverse backgrounds to become software developers while also helping them build necessary career-readiness skills and career connections through our Pathway Program. Like you, we believe people in our communities can fulfill their potential. If we can empower people to gain valuable skills, we can change their career paths, and lives.

Tech Elevator has over 650 hiring partners and 91% of Tech Elevator graduates are hired in a new job with their new tech skills within six months of graduation, leading the bootcamp industry in job placement rate.

We’re proud of our industry-leading outcomes reported and verified as a member of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting ( We are thrilled to continue to deliver our national live remote classes for both full and part-time learners across the US. 

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