It’s appropriate that Chase Tower is right in the heart of our downtown, because JPMorgan Chase is such an essential part of the fabric of Chicago.

And now, JPMorgan is doubling-down on its commitment to Chicago with a massive renovation plan for its beautiful headquarters, which houses some 7,200 employees and is the tallest building within the city’s Loop. This sustainable project will transform an already-gorgeous building into a state-of-the-art workplace, help reinvigorate Chicago’s downtown, and create hundreds of jobs.

We at the Chamber couldn’t be more excited about this project, which will bring hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity to the city and state of Illinois. We also commend Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson for his work in helping this project come to fruition.

Indeed, this move is in keeping with JPMorgan’s historic legacy — the organization has been a crucial part of Chicago for more than 160 years, and it was one of the first members of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce when we began in 1904. Over this time, JPMorgan has helped support our city’s residents and businesses; finance our schools, hospitals, and infrastructure projects; and invest in our neighborhoods and people. JPMorgan contributes $4.9 billion annually to the city’s economy and stimulates an additional 10,000 jobs across local industries, one study found.

JPMorgan’s commitment also sends a loud-and-clear message about all the great things our world-class city offers. This effort proves that Chicago provides an unparalleled home for businesses of all sizes today, and will continue to do so tomorrow.

From the beautiful Marc Chagall mosaic in the courtyard to the top of the Tower’s unique curved design, Chase Tower is more than a building — it’s a towering symbol of Chicago’s soaring spirit and global reach.

Now, with kickoff of this project, JPMorgan is showing its dedication to Chicago. We applaud this move, and stand ready to help JPMorgan any way we can.