Today, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Government Relations Michael Reever testified at the Illinois House Executive Committee subject matter hearing in support of a Chicago casino. The Chamber has advocated for a Chicago casino since 1991.

“A Chicago casino is another economic anchor that would have a positive economic ripple effect on Chicago’s existing economic infrastructure, including tourism, restaurants, hotels, shopping, conventions, and our cultural institutions,” stated Reever.

A Chicago casino will bring in revenue estimated between $300 million to $950 million, 2,500 permanent casino jobs, and 1,500 temporary construction jobs. Additionally, a Chicago casino will bring in $6.6 billion and 17,000 jobs in indirect revenues.

Not only will a Chicago casino enhance efforts to increase the number of tourists, expanding on the 50 million tourists that visited Chicago last year, but will also provide much needed state and city revenue. The benefits of a casino are significant to continued economic growth and opportunity for the City of Chicago.

The full testimony can be found here.

The Chamber will continue to support and advocate for a Chicago casino.