Executive Consultants United (EC-United) provides IT resource and cost reduction strategies to better structure departments and manage costs in an organization. An example of this came when EC-United was recently hired by a subsidiary of a $19 billion public utility company. The assignment was to develop a resource landscape and cost-reduction strategy to prepare the company for the future and mitigate operational risks. Over a 10-week period, EC-United assessed the company’s budget, payroll, business plans and projects. The firm then developed a strategy that defined the most cost-effective way forward and allowed the technology division to best support the client’s overall business goals.

After the assessment, EC-United developed a comprehensive plan to save the company more than $10 million. Not only did the EC-United strategy save money and redistribute resources, but it also provided best-practice solutions for the future. “Wow!” said the client’s Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, “The thoroughness and quality of the strategy greatly exceeded my expectations. We can mitigate our near-term and long-term risks, and save millions of dollars at the same time.”

In addition to receiving the most modern and highest quality strategy, leaders of the utility company received ongoing advisory services to assist its CEO, CFO and other stakeholders with communications efforts.

The outcome was a big win for the client and for EC-United, a boutique executive consulting firm composed of former CIOs, CTOs, COOs and other IT executives. EC-United’s CEO Wheeler Coleman is a former CIO and CTO with a reputation for transforming and maturing organizations while leveraging industry best practices and emerging technology.

About EC-United

Executive Consultants United (EC-United) is a strategic business and IT consulting firm. EC-United specializes in strategic executive services including IT strategy planning, risk assessment, roadmap creation, cost reduction, software evaluations, security certifications and much more. We also provide interim leadership and executive advisory services.

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