Scott Hoesman, CEO and Founder of Chamber member inQuest, has published a compelling article on the importance of employing people with disabilities. “Disability in Action” provides an in-depth case study on the benefits of employing people of various ability levels, complete with a local Chicago angle written by Dr. Gary Beringer.

Hoesman cites the extensive journey toward disability inclusion he has experienced during his career, and cites a variety of statistics to reinforce his argument.

“As a diversity & inclusion practitioner, I believe we must do a better job incorporating disability inclusion into our mainstream, general diversity & inclusion strategies… especially in corporate America,” Hoesman says.

Hoesman’s consulting firm, inQuest, seeks to improve client performance in a variety of ways, with specific focus on diversity and inclusion to drive a dynamic workplace.

Click here to read the full inQuest article.

For more information on disability inclusion, visit inQUEST’s website or the Chicagoland Business Leadership Network’s (CBLN) website.