Chamber member Comcast recently announced the upcoming introduction of gigabit-speed Internet service for small business and residential customers in Chicago. These impressive new speeds will be available to customers over their existing lines, with the simple installation of a new modem.

The Chicago Tribune released an article highlighting some of the new service’s capabilities.  

From the Chicago Tribune piece:

Chicago, Detroit and Miami customers will be able to order the advanced modems for the service in the second half of 2016. The service was tested in Philadelphia last year, and will expand to Atlanta and Nashville early this year, the company said.

The faster service will allow customers to download an HD movie in about 40 seconds, a TV episode in 5 seconds and a music album in about 1 second, Comcast said.

AT&T has provided gigabit-speed service in Chicago for about one year, reliant on the installation of new fiber-optic cables. Google Fiber is planning to offer a similar service in the near future.

Comcast currently offers up to 10-gigabit speed through fiber cables for commercial customers, but the 1-gigabit fiber-free service provides a simpler solution for smaller businesses and homes. The service will be available in all locations currently serviceable by Comcast. 

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