Employment Policies

The Chamber supports employment policies that make Illinois and the region more competitive, and oppose policies that impose burdens on employers and make Illinois and the region a less attractive state for growth, investment and job creation.

  • Support legislation to modernize and inject a level of reasonableness into the State’s Biometric Information Privacy Act.
  • Support reasonable reforms to minimize the employer cost related to our workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and tort systems.
  • Support data collection policies that protects consumers without stifling economic activity in Illinois and our region, and oppose legislation that that would harm economic prospects based on data collection and penalizes company data collection policies through private rights of action.
  • Oppose legislation that risks business intellectual property rights and mandates that businesses provide confidential and proprietary information to third-party sources.
  • Support legislation that further grows the “gig” economy business model, while providing for reasonable protections for workers. Oppose legislation that mandates the reclassification of thousands of workers in the State and limits choice and flexibility for those workers.
  • Oppose policies that mandate employment and workplace issues, such as how employee shifts are scheduled and the type of leave policies that employers must provide, and support those policies that provide both employers and employees flexibility, consistency, and simplicity in response to the many workplace challenges that pandemic has shone a spotlight on.
  • Support policies that foster a greater collaboration between business and labor, such as policies that incentivize development and construction work.
  • Advocate for a government regulatory system that operates in an open and transparent manner, where regulations are cost-effective, and flexible and impose as little of a burden on businesses as possible.
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