Common-sense Fiscal Reforms

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce supports balanced, structurally sound fiscal reforms and tax policies to put Illinois and the Chicagoland region on the path toward fiscal stability and create certainty in our economic environment so that businesses will seek to invest, grow, and thrive in Illinois.

  • Support any and all efforts that provide property tax relief for our residents and businesses.
  • Support legislation that provides for greater transparency around the Cook County Assessment process and assessment methodologies.
  • Support reforms to Cook County’s property tax classification system, which is the only system of its type in the State that places a significant share of the property tax burden onto businesses.
  • Encourage substantive reforms of PTELL, which has led to unintended consequences that have driven up property taxes.
  • Support and urge the passing of reforms of government pensions and retiree health care programs for current employees, as well as future hires.
  • Support policies that drive local government consolidation and reduce property tax burdens on taxpayers.
  • Support common-sense proposals that close the State’s structural budget deficit and reduce the State’s bill backlog either through reductions in spending or revenue increases that are broad-based and limited without harming economic growth.
  • Oppose legislation that would result in increased property taxes on our residents and businesses or in significant shifts in the property tax burden from residents to businesses.
  • Oppose legislation that haphazardly requires businesses to provide income and valuation information to county officials under the guise of property tax system accuracy and transparency.
  • Oppose tax and revenue increases that hinder economic growth and capital investment in our region, including legislation that would repeal or negatively modify important business tax benefits.
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