On Wednesday, May 15, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and Constellation hosted a discussion focused on building a more inclusive and innovative Chicago through youth investment.

Distinguished panelists shared insights on the strategic importance of early investment in high school programs and the positive ripple effects it has on the talent pipeline, public safety, and diversity within our city.

As a trusted pillar of the community, businesses have an important role to play in uplifting the next generation of innovators. To ensure that these efforts are meaningful and impactful, successful companies are approaching high school engagement with intent for exposure and access.

Panelists for the discussion included:

Eva Giglio
Executive Director | CME Group Foundation

Becky Goldberg
Director of Education | Illinois Science & Technology Coalition

Nisaini Rexach
Community Engagement Lead | Microsoft

Colleen Wright
Vice President, Corporate Strategy | Constellation

Jessica Holberg
Program Manager, Chicago Tech Education Outreach & Partnerships Lead | Google

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