In response to the global pandemic, the demand for tech talent has skyrocketed as businesses have been forced to adapt to an increasingly digital environment. With no end in sight, the demand, coupled with intense competition, has driven compensation expectations to new heights. While some organizations have decided to compete with extreme salary offers, others have focused inwards for the solution.

The Chamber’s featured experts discuss the tools and resources needed to build an internal mobility strategy and why it makes sense in today’s ultra-competitive landscape.

Featured Speakers:

  • Aaron Filous, Founder & CEO, Promotable
  • Carlton Gordon, Jr., Managing Director, Catalyte
  • Leslie Nogue, Head of Portfolio & Product Marketing, Hitch Works, Inc.
  • Mike Woolsoncroft, Chief Information Officer, Geneca

Additional Resources Provided

Catalyte: Website

Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce: Employee Training Investment Program

Hitch Works: Website

Promotable: Website

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