The year is 1904. The Association of Commerce and Industry (ACI) is founded in the emerging industrial powerhouse known as Chicago. The mission of the ACI was simple: support Chicago’s business community in a time when the City was poised for substantial economic growth and prosperity. One of the ACI’s founding leaders, John Shedd of Marshall Field & Co., would help define the vision and scope of the Association for many years to come.

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Fast forward to 1992, the Association of Commerce and Industry was renamed as the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. Today, the Chamber continues to live up to the ACI’s vision by fostering a dynamic economy, delivering value to members, and making Chicagoland a world-class place to live and work.

In 2021, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce now represents over 1,000 businesses, including 400,000+ employees, across all industries. Through connections, thought-leadership, advocacy, and numerous other benefits, members are able to leverage the Chamber to advance their business needs.

The Chamber produces networking and exclusive events that engage the region’s most influential business leaders to create connections and result in real business leads. The Chamber helps make introductions, establish connections, and provide access, whether it is to the c-suite decision makers or elected officials.

The Chamber provides programming and advisory resources to provide businesses with insights and thought-leadership events and seminars to learn more about key issues and gain the necessary skills needed to grow.

The Chamber is the leading voice for business and dedicated to advocating for the competitive, pro-growth and pro-jobs policies that matter to members and the business community in the City of Chicago, Cook County and State of Illinois. A strong economy creates jobs and ultimately supports families, communities, and the entire Chicagoland region.

On October 20, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and Chambers across the nation are celebrating Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day to highlight the history and accomplishments of Chambers in their respective communities. The Chicagoland Chamber is happy to serve the great City of Chicago and will continue to support its illustrious business community for many years to come.