The 2020 Census is incredibly important in shaping the business community because it allows resources to be accounted and allocated across various markets and sectors. It helps determine where companies will locate and expand their operations.

This year’s Census will determine how billions of dollars in public funding are spent, and Chicago uses federal funding for important community services such as schools, parks, trains, roads and much more. However, if there is an undercount in Chicago, we may not get our full share of the federal resources. In fact, we stand to lose $1400 per person, per year for every person not counted in the census! It is vital we count everyone and you can help ensure we reach our Census goals!

Mayor Lightfoot is encouraging every Chicago resident to participate in the 2020 Census as an opportunity to invest in their communities and have their voices heard.  The business community has a vital role to play in ensuring every person is counted!

To spread the message about the importance of the census, the Chicago Census prepared a toolkit filled with resources to help you spread the word the Census with employees, colleagues, business associates and the communities you reach. 

The Census website opened on March 12. We encourage you to consider ways you can spread the word and engage your respective constituents from now until July 30, when the website closes.

We welcome your creativity in helping mobilize our city!  Below are some ideas for encouraging participation in the Census and be sure to check out the toolkit with more resources:

  • Make the Census Visible: Place these signs in your businesses, post the images on social media, play PSA videos (coming soon) in your waiting rooms, or add the images to your elevator/lobby screens. ACCESS THE 2020 CENSUS TOOLKIT HERE.
  • Encourage Participation Through Freebies: Similar to voting initiatives, offer discounts and giveaways for customers who fill out the Census.
  • Host a Census Kiosk: Designate computers in your stores, factories, or high-volume office locations as a way to offer digital access to employees who may struggle to access the internet. Sign up to host a kiosk here.
  • Distribute Census Information to the General Public: Add inserts to letters or bills and include 2020 Census information in electronic communications reminding customers about the Census and why it’s safe and easy to fill out.
  • Remind Employees to Respond: Email employees to remind them that the 2020 Census is important and encouraging them to take 10 minutes to respond. Sample content is included in the toolkit.

Thank you for your partnership in promoting the 2020 Census!