Promoting Black-owned companies and their contributions to our vibrant business community will be critical to Chicago’s economic recovery and to our future prosperity. 

Chicago, once the center of black economic progress in the US, is taking action to prove that the Free Enterprise System works for everyone, including our black community. The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is spotlighting the “Just Do Business” Movement; a chain reaction approach that starts with an organization committing to working with Black-owned Companies, who then take on a responsibility to pull other members of the black community forward with them. 

Your organization can participate in the Business Leadership Council’s newest initiative, the Lead Partner Program, by evaluating your current vendor partnerships and finding areas where you can make the commitment to working with Black-owned companies. Watch the webinar replay to learn how you can start a conversation in your organization to commit to supporting the Black community through economic participation. 

The Just Do Business: Celebrating Black Excellence through the Lead Partner Program event is a partnership between the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and the Business Leadership Council.

Commit today to partner with the Business Leadership Council and support the black community through economic participation. It all starts with a simple commitment to “Just Do Business.”