Chicago, IL – The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce has reviewed the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art updated design renderings and final development plan and is pleased to announce our support for this once-in-a-generation opportunity for Chicago.

The proposed Lucas museum will be a significant addition to Chicago’s stellar collection of world-renowned museums and educational centers. Not only will it feature a unique collection of narrative art forms, it will also add to Chicago’s lakefront parkway system with its nearly 200,000 square feet of green space which will be free for all to enjoy.

In addition, the city stands to generate significant new tax revenue, added spending, and jobs through visits to local restaurants, hotels, and other nearby businesses. In 2014, Chicago museums and cultural institutions helped attract 14.3 million visitors. The economic impact of the Lucas Museum would be significant, adding an estimated $2 billion to $2.5 billion in increased tourism spending and $120 to $160 million in new tax revenue in its first ten years, according to studies by the Civic Consulting Alliance and World Business Chicago.

Art lovers, movie fans, park enthusiasts, educators and community neighbors all stand to gain from the addition of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art to Chicago’s lakefront and museum system. We encourage the Chicago Park District and City to support the museum development plan and to welcome George Lucas’ generous donation to Chicago.

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