The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce issued the following statement in response to Mayor Lightfoot’s Budget Address:

“The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce stands ready to continue working with the Mayor and the City Council to find a balanced approach to solve the City’s budget challenges. We are encouraged by the Mayor’s efforts to streamline city government to generate new efficiencies, while implementing sustainable measures making up 60 percent of the gap closing by consolidating city services, limit overtime and absenteeism, and reduce workers compensation costs.

As we begin the budgeting process, we must find further cuts and structural efficiencies before we hit employers with more taxes that limit job growth and many that ultimately are passed on to the consumer.

We must be thoughtful about not using the employer community as an ATM if we expect to grow our economy and our population. Employers cannot afford new taxes and regulations that will slow down business growth, which ultimately stunts hiring, especially at a time when employers are already hit with a number of increased costs and regulations.

As the voice of the business community, we urge elected officials to seek common-sense solutions that will satisfy the city’s funding needs, drive economic development, and create new job opportunities throughout Chicago,” said Jack Lavin, president & CEO, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.