Commissioner Garcia has failed to detail how he plans to balance the City’s finances, while promising costly new programs to his supporters. The City of Chicago, the business community, and our neighborhoods are just beginning to bounce back from decades of fiscal mismanagement, rising structural deficits, and high taxes. The City continues to face very real problems including a $20 billion pension crisis. It is unfortunate that with Chicago’s financial and economic future at stake, that a legitimate candidate for Mayor of Chicago has proposed such a disingenuous and dishonest assessment of the City’s financial problems to its citizens; and as importantly, no actual answers on how to solve them. The lack of specifics and understanding of the situation we are in as a City should give pause to not just the business community, but to every citizen who wants to see economic and job growth continue for all Chicagoans, and continued revitalization of our neighborhoods. Garcia’s plan will not move Chicago forward. This is a reckless step backwards.

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