According to several leaders in Chicago’s burgeoning technology industry, 2015 is going to be a big year for tech in this city.

On Wednesday, December 4 the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce hosted an interactive panel on tech trends in 2015 at Google in downtown Chicago. The panelists were Ted Souder, Google’s head of industry, retail; Nicole Yeary, founder of Ms. Tech; Linda Maclachlan, CEO of YJT Solutions; and John Flavin, executive director of the Chicago Innovation Exchange at the University of Chicago. John Carpenter, reporter for Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation, moderated the panel.

The panelists dove into subjects such as health care innovation, the Internet of Things, driverless cars, the transformation of business and mobile trends. During the event, Souder effectively summed up the attitude that has turned Chicago into a major player in technology in recent years.

“We’ve got to think bigger. We’ve got to take bigger risks,” Souder said. “We’ve got to utilize the power of technology to change the world.”

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