Venture capital funding has become a key component to Chicago’s economy as the city’s entrepreneurial and tech scenes have continued to thrive in recent years. The most recent installment of the Illinois Innovation Index, released last week, examines how Chicago compares with other leading U.S. metropolitan regions on venture funding in terms of total investment, concentration of funding by industry, and funding sources.

The Index found that Chicago’s venture funding performance is improving, up 122 percent from 2009 in terms of funding rounds. Despite is improvement, Chicago is still trailing several major metro areas in venture capital raised.

According to the Index, the future for Chicago’s innovation ecosystem is bright and includes a variety of exciting initiatives that will contribute to the relationship between investors and the start-up community.

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is a contributor to the Illinois Innovation Index, which is an information resource that provides analysis and insights on technology, innovation, business development and economic activity in our state.

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