As Chicago’s digital technology community keeps making headlines, it should come as no surprise that high-tech employment continues to grow in Chicago and Illinois as well.

The most recent issue of the Illinois Innovation Index examines the growth in Illinois’ computer services–related industries in comparison with losses in other industries such as high-tech manufacturing.

According to the Index, data analyzed by the ISTC suggests that the Illinois high-tech economy is performing better than the state’s economy as a whole.

The Index also finds that computer services–related industries have grown the most in terms of employment among high-tech industries and are the fastest growing group among STEM jobs as well However, that data also found that since 2004, employment for scientists and engineers in scientific and R&D services has decreased by 22 percent in the state overall and by 33 percent in the Chicago area.

The Illinois Innovation Index, launched in part by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, is an information resource that provides analysis and insights on business development and economic activity in our state hat examines a different topic each issue.

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