On November 10, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce testified regarding an increase in the minimum wage at the Committee on Workforce Development and Audit.

The Chamber opposed an increase in the Chicago minimum wage that takes it above the state level of $8.25 per hour. The Chamber believes:

• A statewide minimum wage treats all businesses and employees fairly.
• An increase will put Chicago at a competitive disadvantage with neighboring cities and states.
• Illinois is among the slowest states in economic recovery from the recession and has one of the highest minimum wage rates in the United States. This is not a time to jeopardize the growth and improvements we have seen.

“After careful consideration and research of all the facts and various proposals, we believe a Chicago-only minimum wage increase will lead to a competitive disadvantage for the City of Chicago, slowing our still fragile economy,” said Elise Houren, Government Relations Manager for the Chamber.

The Chamber will continue to work to promote the growth of business and economic initiatives that will make the Chicagoland region stronger and more competitive.

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