During a Chicago City Council joint committee hearing today, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce joined Uber and Lyft drivers, the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, YWCA, and Alderman Joe Moore (49) in expressing opposition to the proposed ridesharing ordinance.

The Chamber is opposed to this currently proposed ordinance as it threatens a viable revenue-generating transportation option for Chicagoans that is safe and reliable.

“Ridesharing has a significant economic impact on the City of Chicago, contributing nearly $50 million in annual revenue to the City, while providing over 45,000 drivers in neighborhoods throughout Chicago with access to employment opportunity and additional income,” said Elise Houren, Director of Government Relations for the Chamber.  “The Chamber is concerned that a rush to overregulate will undoubtedly have a negative economic impact on our city and its neighborhoods and damage the transit accessibility the ridesharing sector of transportation offers residents.”

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