The Chamber expressed opposition to the proposed paid sick leave ordinance before the Committee on Workforce Development and Audit on June 22, 2016 at City Hall, maintaining that it would put a strain on Chicagoland employers and limit the growth potential of local businesses.

“To be clear, the Chamber opposes instituting any paid sick leave ordinance at the City level. It is extremely anti-competitive for employers in the City and outside of the City. It continues to place Chicago on an island, and creates a patchwork of inconsistent and costly labor mandates,” said Michael Reever, Vice President of Government Relations at the Chamber. “Adding another layer of regulation on employers, such as the proposed ordinance, while continually asking the employer community to pay for massive legacy costs, will not help the shared goal of local economic development.”
As the voice of the business community, the Chamber concludes that this ordinance is not in the best interest of business owners and instead recommends ways to simplify the ordinance. 

Click here to read Reever’s full testimony on the paid sick leave ordinance.