Hispanic Heritage Month, beginning September 15, recognizes the achievements and contributions of the Latinx community in helping build the American Dream while enduring unique trials and tribulations. The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and recognize the cultural significance of the Latinx community in Chicagoland and across the United States. 

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, Chamber staff will participate in discussions to promote a holistic understanding of the Latinx community through topics including history, culture, and their positive impact across society.   

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce staff is proud to support Latinx businesses, friends, and neighbors. Together, the Chamber and Hispanic Americans across Chicagoland will continue to work together to foster economic growth and prosperity for the Latinx community. 

As the proud son of two Mexican immigrants, recognizing the rich history of the Latino experience in the U.S. and, more importantly, celebrating the community’s contributions to this country is something I value greatly. Knowing that I am a part of such a welcoming team at the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce that is so open to learning more about the rich Latino history and one that strives for a more inclusive work environment is incredibly appreciated.

Ramiro Hernandez
Manager, Government Relations

Hispanic Heritage Month is important to my family and I as a way to highlight the work and accomplishments of our Latinx community and to celebrate the impact of Latinx culture on America. I am proud of my Guatemalan heritage and very grateful to work for an organization that has given me plenty of opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute.  I want to thank the Chamber for giving my Latinx colleagues and I a space to be able to share our experiences. Gracias Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

Sofia Rivera
Executive Assistant, Office of the President & CEO

Education is vital to inclusivity in the workplace and beyond. I’m proud to be given the opportunity to learn more about the Latinx community’s lasting contributions to Chicago and the United States through an open dialogue with colleagues. These contributions should be celebrated by all Americans, not just during Hispanic Heritage Month, but every day.

Alex Krebs
Manager, Marketing