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Success Stories

Chicagoland Chamber Members: We Want to Hear YOUR Voice!

Since 1904, companies of all sizes have grown their businesses and have connected with thousands of commerce and industry leaders through the Chamber.

Today, we want to know how YOU have successfully utilized YOUR membership as a direct source for client acquisition, as a powerful voice in government, and/or as an opportunity to gain valuable exposure in the marketplace.

Sean Lyons | VP, Business Development

Through the Chicagoland Chamber, I have been able to meet both clients as well as partners who have directly impacted my bottom line and added significant value to my personal network.

The Chamber has directly connected me to influential decision makers who they know will help me grow my business.

I feel like the Chamber is a trusted Partner and loyal Advocate, both for myself and for my business. I have told everyone that I have referred to them that Chamber is a great conduit to influential leaders in the Chicago Business Community. They are constantly finding new and creative ways to engage and give back to their Members and the membership reciprocates by remaining actively involved in the organization.

I can personally testify to meeting some excellent people through the Chamber that I would not have met otherwise. Far and away, the people I have met and the relationships that have formed as a result is what I have enjoyed the most about being a member. It has been a pleasure making so many valuable contacts through this community and I remain very opportunistic about how these relationships will continue to develop going forward.

If the world truly is all about who you know more than what you know, then the Chamber represents the perfect platform to get to know the right people in the Chicago Business Community.  

Randy Boschulte | State Equal Opportunity Compliance Officer and Investigator for Central Illinois
Illinois Dept. of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

disabilityworks at Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is unique, and the return on the U.S. Department of Labor’s investment in the program is unbelievably high. I only wish that more national and state leaders knew more about your success stories and services you rendered to the business community, DCEO, and to disadvantaged people with disabilities with limited resources.

Eileen Kent | President
Custom Keynotes, LLC

I was first part of the Chamber as a sales executive deeply involved as the Networking Chair and on the Small Business Board of Directors. I rejoined the Chamber in March of 2012 as a new business owner of Custom Keynote because I wanted to re-connect with Chicago-based companies who needed one-on-one assistance selling to the feds and building custom strategic action plans so they would have a realistic understanding of what it really takes to win federal business.


Since joining, I have captured 5 times my membership investment within my first six months! The Chicagoland Chamber is the #1 Place to Network for Business-to-Business opportunities and lead sharing.

Rob Christie | Vice President, Public Affairs
Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Northwestern Memorial Hospital has been a long standing Board member of the Chicagoland Chamber since 1934. Through our partnership with the Chamber we have forged countless relationships that are vital to our organization.

Our membership in the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is essential as they are extremely responsive to our needs and the needs of the Members.

The Chamber works on behalf of business with legislation that negatively/positively impacts our profit margins. As one of the oldest and most progressive Chamber in the state, there is simply no better place in the Midwest for business, civic and government leaders to work together to position Chicago as one of the world’s leading global hubs.

A conversation with them will show you why 90% of the region's top companies are involved with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

Samantha Kendall | President and CEO of Sam's Gourmet Lasagna

I learned about the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce upon reading an article featuring CEO Jerry Roper, who talked about how he applies an alternative diet to his life. I took interest in the article and simply reached out to learn what his diet was.

To my surprise, I met the most wonderful people on the Chamber staff, and they introduced me to the benefits of becoming a Chamber member. Although the membership fee was a challenge at first, I was able to get sponsorship support and became a member. As a result, I was able to connect with the CEC program through the Chamber, gaining access to many valuable resources to help my business.

Shortly after that, and through networks with the Chamber, NBC featured my story, and I was able to promote my business at U.S. Cellular Field. In addition, the Chamber referred me to Mayor Daley's office for the ‘Bulls Wager of Local Products,’ which provided excellent exposure for me through the media, and there is so much more!

One day, Sam’s Gourmet Lasagna will be a Global company, because pasta is my passion. Through tragically losing my daughter to gun violence, a divorce, and homelessness, I pursued my passion. Some things happen that you can’t explain, but I remain hopeful thanks to support of people like the staff at Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

Shelley Stern | Central Region Community Outreach Director

Microsoft has been a member of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce for many years and through our membership we have forged some close client relationships. As someone who regularly attends the Annual Meeting, I’m always impressed with what I learn and who I meet. There is simply no better place in the Midwest for business, civic and government leaders to gather.

Paul LaSchiazza | President

The Chamber is a thought leader and gets actively involved in public policy debate and policy formulation. They take proactive stands on education, taxes, government intervention.

They also have an effective lobby in Springfield of which has been very beneficial to our company. The Chamber coordinates its activity with IBRT, IL State chamber, and other business organizations.

Courtney Pike | Vice President
JB Training Solutions

From my first event, I could tell that the Chamber was all about doing business. As soon as I walked in the door, the Chamber staff members were introducing me to attendees and helping make connections. I've been a part of many organizations, but never has an organization lived and breathed the mantra - "It's all about our members." The Chamber makes it easier to do business in Chicago.



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