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Chamber News

Feb 13

Chamber Joins GROW-IL Coalition to Support Hydraulic Fracturing Legislation

The Chicagoland Chamber recently joined a diverse group of business and labor organizations to launch a coalition focused on enacting common sense hydraulic fracturing legislation in Springfield.

The GROW-IL (Growing Resources and Opportunity for the Workforce in Illinois) coalition supports public policy that creates jobs for working families, produces strong regulations on industry while protecting local communities and the environment, and generates millions of dollars in annual revenue for the state.

Hydraulic fracturing is the process of releasing natural gas and oil from rock deposits deep underground by fracturing shale formations. This cutting-edge technology allows shale gas to be safely extracted from the New Albany Shale in southeast Illinois.

The United States is poised to become the largest producer of both natural gas and oil in the next five years and Illinois can be a leader in that energy effort if Springfield can support policies to maximize our energy resources.

The Chicagoland Chamber and the GROW-IL coalition support responsible implementation of hydraulic fracturing technology in order to create a tremendous boost for nearly every sector of the economy.

Click here to read a recent Crain’s Chicago Business story on the issue.

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