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Workplace Well-Being Committee

Vivian Smith-Del Toro, Sodexo, Vice President of Operations, Business and Industry Solutions




The Committee, in cooperation with the Illinois Dept. of Human Services Substance Abuse Prevention Programs, encourages companies to tactfully confront substance abuse issues by taking positive actions regarding workplace environments, behaviors and safety. The objective is for the Committee and staff to offer solutions that employers implement to improve workplace well-being because they understand there are health and talent returns on their investments.

Action Plans

• Free work site and off-site workshops for your employees and/or managers offering employee education and awareness about substance misuse, abuse, and addiction are available year-round. Contact Peggy Luce for scheduling.

• Feedback about the three E’s: empower, educate, eliminate is collected with the 2013 on-line survey, Workplace Well-Being Survey.

• The Workplace Well-Being Solutions web page updates offer emerging practices, links to the Chamber@Work archived news articles, and useful resources.

• Attention is given to April as Alcohol Awareness Month; May’s National Prevention Week (prevention of substance abuse and promotion of mental health); September as Recovery Month to spread the positive message that behavioral health is essential to overall health, that prevention works, treatment is effective and people can and do recover; and October’s Drug-Free Work Week.


• Terry Cahill, VP Sales & Marketing, Perspectives Ltd
• Sandi Ciancio, Managing Director, CHC Wellness
• Gary Cohen, Co-President, Employee Resource Systems
• Opella Ernest, M.D., VP Chief Medical Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
• William Heffernan, Co-President, Employee Resource Systems
• Brad Jones, President, SafeScreener
• Pat Loridas, Managing Director, CHC Wellness
•Maureen McLeod, Community Liaison, Presence Behavioral Health- Addiction Services
• Alberto Ortega, Director of Community Relations - Diversity and Inclusion, Sodexo
• Roger Paveza, Senior Vice President, Strategic Safety Solutions
• Amy (Levell) Ponce, Outreach Manager, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
• Frank Severino, Sales Manager, Gateway Foundation

Please visit the Workplace Well-Being Solutions page.


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