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Chamber Committees


Workforce Excellence

The Workforce Excellence Committee serves as a conduit to create, innovate, and inform business...

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Education Leadership

The Education Leadership Committee brings together Board Directors and Chamber members to become actively...

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Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Forum establishes the public policy positions of the Chamber in the areas of taxation...

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Employment Law

The Employment Law Forum addresses the government, fiscal, insurance and employment policies that make the state...

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Logistics and Mobility

The region’s infrastructure system is vital to Chicagoland’s economic health. Therefore, the Logistics and Mobility...

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The Environment Committee addresses the environmental laws that affect the national, state, regional and city levels.

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The Taxation Forum promotes a fair and competitive tax climate for the city, county, region and state in order to foster...

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Global Connections Council

The Global Connections Council helps Chamber members gain access to global markets and resources that will support the growth...

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Mid-Market Committee

Medium-sized companies frequently have to address issues as complex as those addressed by Fortune 500 companies, but often without...

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Healthcare and Wellness


The Healthcare Task Force focuses the Chamber’s initiatives and resources on influencing the healthcare issues that affect...

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Chicago Technology 2020

Technology Council

The Technology Council helps the Chamber and member businesses adopt the latest technology so that they can realize...

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Membership Development

The Membership Development Committee serves as the forum for members to directly influence membership benefits and services provided...

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The committee’s mission is to advance Chicago in becoming a leading innovator of sustainable practices and solutions...

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Public Policy

The Chamber’s Public Policy Committee will review current Chamber policies and positions on legislative items...

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Workplace Well-Being

The Committe encourages companies to tactfully confront substance abuse issues by taking positive actions...

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