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How are Candidates Selected?

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee approves candidates who are recommended to receive support. This committee is comprised of 21 members who represent a diverse business environment and are also familiar with incumbent officeholders and candidates for office.

The following guidelines are used to determine which candidates receive support:

1. What is the candidate's position on issues important to the Chamber and to business in general? Our contributions and support of a candidate do not necessarily mean that we support their positions on all issues, but that we agree with their positions on issues that are critical to our business.

2. What is candidate's record on issues of concern to the Chamber?

3. What is the candidate's financial need?

CPAC strongly believes in a robust political debate. Accordingly, CPAC expects to contribute its funds to both incumbents and non-incumbents who support public policies consistent with the Chamber’s objectives.

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